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Social MEdia

Over the last few years, Jacob and Bruno have gained a massive social following across Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. Apart from being adorably cute, they have achieved this following with having high quality, creative content which over 250,000 fans enjoy all over the world!


Jacob and Bruno's social media adventure first started on Instagram when they were young puppies. They quickly grew to now having over 55,000 followers and their page is now recognised for having beautiful photos and an innovative Instagram . Take a look below at their current Instagram feed.

Tik Tok

With Tik Tok being the new kid on the block, Jacob & Bruno have not wasted any time in growing their huge following on the app. With nearly 200,000 followers already and heading to 1.5 million likes, they have stolen the hearts around the globe! Here are some of the boys most popular videos:

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